I had listed my apartment with another real estate broker at one of the other major firms. After three months of being on the market the broker attracted only a few visitors and no offers. An acquaintance of mine recommended that I call Dan Geller, President of the Geller Group at Keller Williams NYC. He met with me and explained that he isn’t in the business of selling apartments like other agents. Instead, he and his team market homes. I told Dan how much I wanted to sell my apartment for and he said, “No. It’s worth $50,000 more and I’m not going to let you sell it for less than it’s worth.” Even though I had gotten no results with my previous real estate agent after three months of listing, Dan looked me straight in the eyes and said he would sell my apartment within a week. I thought he was crazy but I figured I had nothing to lose. Dan and his team immediately went into action. He brought in the best photographer and supervised the entire shoot until the photos were exactly the way he wanted them. Then he brought in someone to draw floor plans and made sure every square inch of my apartment was properly represented, making minute corrections that no one would have ever noticed. He’s a perfectionist. If that wasn’t enough, he brought in a video crew and produced a film about my home that looked so professional that I was speechless. Then he did the marketing that sets him and his team apart from every other agent in Manhattan. The end result was this: I received two full-priced offers within four days and had contracts signed within a few more days. I got the highest price per square foot ever paid in my building. After that, Dan secured a new home for my family and negotiated a deal that I didn’t think was possible. He is always there for me whenever I need him and I will never consider using another real estate agent other than him. Dan is not just another agent, he is a friend.

Agnes Czarnik, DDS

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