I firmly believe that true excellence is rare and needs to be acknowledged. Daniel Geller and his team at Keller Williams represent true excellence in what they do! True excellence in client service, true excellence in responsiveness, true excellence in expertise, true excellence in every aspect of the complex New York real estate world. Dan cares, as a result his whole team cares, and that makes all the difference.

We had a complex proposition. We met Dan when I was 4 month pregnant with my second child. We ran out of space in our owned apartment and needed to move. We were not the most flexible people – I wanted to know by December whether or not we will be moving, I was not willing to rent in-between, I needed certainty that I and my family will at all times have a place to live. Under these conditions, we tasked Dan and his team with selling our apartment and getting us a new one in a period of 4 months (or the deal was off). To top it off, we are very busy people with full time jobs, and hardly had any time to deal with apartment searches and moves.
The first thing Dan did was listen – and he listened carefully. He understood what was important to us, what we were looking for, where we were willing to bend, and where we were not flexible. Because he listened, he did not waste his or our time with false leads. Using his impeccable knowledge of the New York real estate markets (and I mean impeccable – he knows every neighborhood, every street, every building), Dan quickly directed us on the correct path and helped us find the perfect home very quickly. He and his team were extremely flexible in finding the times around our busy schedules to show us a number of apartments. Dan provided valuable advice on how to weigh pros and cons. And he never once pushed us in an uncomfortable direction.

At the same time, Dan found an all cash buyer for our apartment, who was willing to let us stay after closing for as long as we needed. Dan personally negotiated both deals and managed every aspect of this difficult process. Suffice it to say that these deals would not have happened if we had a different real estate broker. Dan was also extremely instrumental in helping us get the apartment ready for the sale – from taking perfect photos and writing a perfect description, to finding a handy-man to replace some of our appliances on a day’s notice.

In conclusion, I cannot find enough superlatives to describe the service we received from Dan Geller and the Geller Group Luxe Team at Keller Williams. If everyone did their job with the same passion, the world would be a better place.

Jane Greyf, Partner, Goodwin Proctor

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